"How to validate an mail address via regular expression in ABAP or PHP?"
Never wanted to ask such questions to myself again - that why OKCO.DE was born: Manage your own code snippets with OKCO.DE and share it with others.

>_ privacy

Content of OKCO.DE that is marked as public will be directly crawled by any search robot. Content marked as private is only available, if someone knows the URL.
Post things at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss of data or removed pastes. The operators of OKCO.DE preserve the right to delete content. (e.g. if it violates copyrights etc.)

>_ cargo cult programming

This site strongly support the cargo cult programming. This is a style of computer programming that is characterized by the ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose. (details over at wikipedia).

Sharing code is a good thing, and it should be easy to do it. One can use pastebin.com or hastebin.com of course if one can spare the functionality to manage and organize ones coding.

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